Email client (App)

Using an email client (email application)

Many computer and smartphone users are finding it increasingly difficult to setup email access on their devices. Often issues don’t show up until there are software updates or device upgrades. The setup can be challenging on older operating systems or accessing an email account related to another operating system. For example setting up gmail in Outlook or accessing an iCloud account on a non-apple device.

The following email accounts require two factor authentication  and/or an app specific password. [This list is not comprehensive and may change as email providers change their security policies.]

  • iCloud
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • AOL mail

We recommend the using eM Client as a contemporary utility for managing contacts and sending/receiving emails. It offers a good clear layout without the use of adverts and an easy setup. It is free for use with up to two email addresses, after which you may need to pay for the facility. Outlook is another good application with powerful features but costly and not easy to setup. If you need any help setting up access to your emails with eMClient or another email app please contact us.

Click here to download eM client.

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