Losing a password can be an expensive error of judgement. It can render an expensive tablet useless or block access to an important document. However, passwords, pins and thumbprints are there to protect your data thus they are essential. 

Most of my time is spent helping people recover passwords. Using passwords that are simply the name of your cat are no longer secure and we are forced into using upper and lowercase numbers and punctuation symbols. This makes ‘Kittycat’ into a far more complicated ‘K1ttyc@t’ and unless you use this password regularly it is easy to forget a password setup 2 years ago and never typed in since then. Click Here for a list of most common passwords 2018

Sites will give guidance on weak and strong passwords

If you have a poor memory or do not use the password regularly, I recommend writing the password down in a place where only a trusted family member can find it. so an unmarked plain books ideal (indexed may be helpful). 

Password generators and password managers online are useful but there are logins such as your router that they cannot store or login to the laptop or the password manager. 

Frequent Password mistakes

  • Using the web browser options to save the password then never using the password so its not committed to memory
  • Using your pets’s name and then posting pictures on  Facebook 
  • Writing your password in uppercase not the case you typed
  • Using your birthday
  • Creating the password with the caps lock on
  • Using the same password for your email account and website login
  • leaving the password on a post-it note on your desk
  • Typing all your passwords in a spreadsheet or Word document that can be read by hacker who has gained access to your computer

Postscript 26/1/2019

After reading this blog post Jack Foster was inspired to write his own much more detailed guidance on creating secure passwords. It is well worth reading and choosing the method that you find suits your own purposes best. 

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