Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is 5th February 2019

Safer internet day

In the last week, I have been contacted by two individuals who have been hacked and paid money to telephone scammers. They dutifully followed telephone instructions and allowed access to their laptop. One was charged £3.99 and the other £20. These are small amounts but the greater danger is in the bank details being handed over. One device was blocked when the password was changed.

In the event of being caught by this deception, switch off your computer or router to prevent any further access to your data. Next, report to the police on 101 and contact your bank on their fraudline and explain what has happened. Then get a trusted local person to remove any unauthorised remote access to the computer and run full virus scans. It can take about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to run a scan using a utility such as malwarebytes Look at recently installed programs or apps to see if anything new has been installed, run a cleaner utility, remove any adware and check that the anti-virus software and firewall are up-to-date.

Avoiding the issues

  • Change your router SSID and key make a hand written record of it.
  • Always password protect your computer/device
  • Remember Microsoft and BT cannot tell if you have a virus
  • Never save passwords for your bank accounts
  • Only let trusted people have access to your device
  • Buy online using Paypal or a credit card (avoid using a debit card).
  • Get help in managing your privacy settings on social media

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