Social Media Safely #2


A little blue bird told me…

Twitter has the immediacy of text messages enabling you to say what you want within 140 characters. Its great for connecting businesses, getting instant local, national or international news and a platform for your voice to the world. You can connect with followers and send them direct messages. Why not follow Western Power Distribution ? By using a twitter app on your smartphone you can get information in power cuts.

Replying to tweets can develop interesting conversations but only rarely a good argument will win someone over. Twitter is a great place to get a message out quickly and an even faster way to make a fool of yourself. Remember that what you tweet is in the public domain so never tweet drunk when your inhibitions are lowered and judgement impaired.

Backup your tweet history

In 2012 Twitter introduced an archive backup, who knew? By requesting a backup you can store your tweets, search and review them in a web browser and a csv file. Why not repost the good and the great?

Account Security

Use a good unique password and enable two-step verification whereby changes made require a code sent to your mobile phone to confirm you as account holder. Watch for profile changes or tweets you didn’t make thye may indicate your account has been compromised. 

Review your privacy settings

  • Protect tweets to be viewed by followers only unless you need a global audience
  • Remove any location labels from your tweets
  • Prevent some users from tagging you in photos
  • Decide who can send you direct messages 
  • Hide sensitive content 
  • Block accounts that tweet inappropriately 
  • Review connected apps regularly

Keep it Legal

  • Is it defamatory – will it breach libel laws?
  • Is it harrassment? – this requires two or more tweets
  • If the information is false, is it malicious?
  • Could your joke be construed as menacing?
  • Is it deceitful, breaking advertising law?
  • Is it fraud? Are you impersonating someone else?
  • Is it threatening or intimidation?
  • Does it break privacy and data protection laws?
  • Are you infringing copyright law?
  • Have you infringed a trade mark?  
    Twitter and the law: 10 legal risks


Likes and retweets are an endorsement of the originators post. When you choose to retweet you are offered the option to comment. This might be a good time to point out why you are sharing the tweets with your followers.

Worcestershire Hourr

#WorcestershireHour is the brainchild of businessman Stuart Allen seeking to promote local prosperity through mutual support. Monday evenings between 8-9pm and 12-1pm on Wednesday afternoons are an hour of interactive tweeting likes and retweets between Worcestershire businesses. On this platform you will find goods and services locally and encourage other businesses to develop and grow.

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